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Extract, Transform and Loading

It imports, integrates, develops and monitors data flows from different systems.


ETL – Extract, Transform and Loading is Waterfall’s scheduler – from the Efashion Software suite dedicated to the fashion business – for importing information and updating it in near real time, easily controlling costs and operations.
ETL allows you to understandtranslate and correctly use information extracted from deep within complex systems and submerged worlds.

These systems speak different languages but, thanks to this module, they understand one another, compare details with one another and complete one another. Because Waterfall ETL is more than just a standard ETL system. It is an architecture that manages the integration process.To avoid having to compromise on even one piece of data that could be useful in the world of fashion. As well as to be able to assess the facts calmly and with a fresh perspective.



“Near real-time” flow management

It monitors the situation almost in real time.


Import and export message history

It keeps track of everything, including any errors.


Flow channelling (parallelism, scalability)

It allows flows to travel at the same time, on the basis of specific needs.


Flow priority management

It gives priority to the most important data, and then to the rest.


Different methods of data exchange

It transfers information along the best routes.


ACK management and e-mail notifications

It monitors, identifies and localizes the data flow, reducing times.

In addition

For an IT manager...

… who has to schedule significant amounts of activities and needs to monitor data (including those from different systems) that are changed time after time during logistical operations.

With Waterfall ETL, no activity is overlooked, and altered data can be checked only.

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